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Okay, guys! I know we aren’t great with using our twitter account, but we do have one! So follow, follow, follow! And we promise to be better about using it! 

iwouldmeasuretwice said: Are y'all still selling the bracelets?

Unfortunately, we have still not found a way to sell the bracelets online! It’s very frustrating…However, we would like to and if any of our followers know how to work/run an online store & PayPal, we would LOVE for them to message us.

Keep checking back!

xo, Katy

What’s the dealio, kitty cats?

This is my fourth attempt at posting this today, so let’s hope this works out.

We have failed. Epically and in almost every way possible. Where have we been?! What have we been doing?! Where have the four of us been? Well, to be honest, senior year is just as hard as junior year. Yea, that was a big surprise. I do believe us four were not well prepared. Indeed, we have not only been balancing our AP’s and college apps. Well, obviously we haven’t quite learned how to balance the most important things in our lives which is, in fact, you guys. This quartet of girls has not forgotten about you all, but have just not found a way to give you all of the attention we want to give to y’all.

Now, some of you are probably thinking…Quartet? There’s only three of you?

Oh, no! As of August 2011, the GoodbyED team has expanded from 3 to 4! Hot tamale! We’re super excited to bring our friend, Caroline, on board with us. While I won’t go into too much detail, I will inform you all that she was definitely the best pick for the “job” and we know you will all love her. Look out for a personal/introductory post from her sometime next week! Get pumped to know her!

Now, on to other information…

The site will be under construction until about sometime next week. It is desperate for a much-needed facelift, as do the tags and personal pages. So, hopefully, next week GoodbyED will be much more appealing to the eye!

Next, we WILL be aiming to upload videos by November. For the first part, they will be bi-weekly, but hopefully we can get into weekly before the summer of next year!

Third, we will HOPEFULLY begin raising money again for the NEDA walk soon! So keep in touch for that!

Lastly, I promise that we will be - slowly but surely - returning to GoodbyED, particularly once we get all of our ducks in a row. We’ve got big dreams and a big vision for this year and we’re hoping to reach out to every single one of you this year. Y’all are the most important thing to us, we promise, even if sometimes we don’t exactly make that clear. Keep sending in your questions & stories & we will get back to y’all AS SOON as we can!

Much love, kitties! 

xo, Katy

Reminder: Bio Tabs!

Hey everyone!

We just wanted to remind y’all about our bio tabs! They have little snippets about us on their and they also have links to our journal entries, posts and personal stories. So if you have any questions about us, try and check those out first! We will almost always answer any personal question you have about us, so please, don’t be shy!

Here are the links to our pages: Katy, Ashlyn, and Evelyn

porttoshatt said: i'm wondering, how much are the goodbyED bracelets are and how i can obtain them?

Right now, we haven’t managed to get the GoodbyED bracelets up and online despite our best efforts. As soon as we can get it all together, we’ll be sure to let y’all know. Sorry :(

xo, Katy

New & Old Followers!

We have a quick reminder for you, that you can also find HERE:

GoodbyED is in no way a substitute for a real diagnosis nor are we doctors. We are simply just 3 girls, working through our own struggles, who are trying to help out in whatever way we can.

Please continue to ask us questions, but if you really have something wrong with you: go see a doctor/specialist.

Stay strong. Stay beautiful. Stay healthy.

xo, Katy, Ashlyn, and Evelyn


Hey everyone!

Just wanted to let y’all know what we’ve been up to with GoodbyED lately!

So, I’m sure some of you noticed, but we’ve all been super busy which is why this was kind of neglected recently. Again, we’re so, so sorry about that! Things get hard and stuff like getting on tumblr just slips your mind…or sends you into an overstressed breakdown…

Tonight, Ashlyn & I are going to talk to our youth pastor about talking to 7th and 8th grade girls about body issues and how it relates back to your relationship with God. He thinks it’s a great idea and will really send a good message, along with getting GoodbyED out to the middle school, too.

We’re working hard on getting some ideas together for everything, it’s just hard because we live in different cities! We realize that GoodbyED needs to be…revamped a little bit, haha, and we’re working on what we can do to involve y’all more, but please remember: we can’t help y’all if you don’t talk to us! We don’t hear from enough of you, and we’d love to hear more! Even if it’s just a “Hey, I’m recovering, it’s going well” etc. because that gives us hope and gives some of the rest of our followers hope as well!

Anyway, if you have any suggestions for us, or just want to talk, please let us know!

stay strong. stay healthy. stay beautiful.

xo, Katy, Ashlyn, and Evelyn

P.S. - Ashlyn & I both got A’s on the papers we wrote about GoodbyED! Maybe we’ll share them with y’all. ;)

P.P.S. - If any of you have much knowledge about online stories and all that (particularly other recovery blogs that follow us!), please let us know!

I bet you thought we forgot…

Thank you all so much for all of the 95 notes we got. Unfortunately, we only have a select number of bracelets. The drawing was completely random, done with notecards, a hat, and all that jazz!

And the FIVE lucky winners are…

  1. youwerethestar
  2. stillsmilingandlaughing
  3. tasklt
  4. fightingthinspo
  5. daffknee

For those of you who want a bracelet, please be sure to keep checking GoodbyED! We are working on getting an online store up and running, for once! Thank you soooo much again, and please remember - you. are. beautiful.

stay strong. stay healthy. stay beautiful.

xo, Katy, Ashlyn, and Evelyn